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Why MLExpert?

Theory and Practice

Solutions to popular questions from Machine Learning interviews. With code examples in Python.

Complete ML Projects

Jupyter notebooks with step-by-step solutions to complete Machine Learning projects

General Programming Questions

The Machine Learning job requires good programming knowledge. Learn the basics of Git, SQL, and more.

Tips & Tricks

Practical tips to improve your chances of success. From a Machine Learning recruiter.

Mock Interview with ML Engineer

Completing all questions unlocks a mock interview. Assess your level of preparedness!

Made For You

Prepared by a Machine Learning Engineer for Machine Learning Engineers

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Created by Venelin Valkov (ML Engineer)

Hey, thanks for being here! I created MLExpert to help you get the job you want, based on my experience of going through a number of ML interviews and interviewing candidates for ML positions. With MLExpert, you'll focus on practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

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